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The Importance Of Workplace Hygiene


Proper office hygiene is essential for a healthy working environment
Hygiene in workplace

Imagine working in an office cubicle full of scattering papers, files, spilled food, stench, and dust all over your work desk. It surely brings frown and shudder to us. But much to our surprise, this prevails at most offices, where cleanliness is totally neglected. Besides creating a great place to work in, a clean office also reduces absenteeism and at the same time increases employees’ productivity.

Cleanliness and hygiene should not only be limited to the cubicle, but should be practised for the entire business premises. Not only a clean office creates a great place to work at for the employees but it also reduces absenteeism thus increasing employees’ productivity. Only tidiness that keeps you well organised and focused on the task at hand.

Keep your work space clean
Look around your cubicle or desk and make sure you keep everything in its place. A clean desk ensures that there is nothing lying around to distract you. No visible piles of paper with unfinished tasks and no visible magazines that might be interesting or cup with unfinished drinks that was there a few days ago. Only tidiness that keeps you well organised and focused on the task at hand.

Keep the air clean and fresh
More than often, sickness like flu and cough occurred when you inhale infected droplets that were emitted to the air through sneezing. This is why it is vital to keep the air well ventilated and sterilised to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria. At Initial Hygiene, we provide air purifying solutions like Medixair and a range of Air Fresheners and Air Sanitisers to keep the air in office clean and fresh.

Washroom Sanitation
It is a basic necessity for every employee to practise proper toilet hygiene. Everyone should be advocate to move the toilet seat cover down before flushing to prevent the “sneeze effect” that causes germs transmission.  

All female employees should be educated to dispose their used sanitary napkins properly by utilising the feminine hygiene units. Used sanitary napkins that are not disposed accordingly will cause increment of microbes count like germs and harmful bacteria.

As we spend most of our time in our office, it is important to instill good hygiene habits so that everyone could enjoy a clean and healthy environment at work. For more hygiene solutions for your office, you may contact us at 1300-88-2388.

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