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Protect Your Business Reputation with Proper Hand Hygiene in Food Processing Industry


Good personal hygiene policies and practices are the important for successful food safety and quality assurance in all food processing facilities. Comprehensive personal hygiene, are key in implementing best practices to comply with food safety audits.

The Importance of Hand Hygiene in Food Manufacturing Industry

The transfer of contaminants, such as germs, transferred from the body, skin or hands to the products. One important area of focus when setting personal hygiene policies to prevent contamination by employees in the production line is hand washing.

Hand Sanitation

It is vital that all personnel in the food manufacturing industry must regularly wash their hands with proper techniques to prevent microbial contamination of foods and food-contact surfaces. 

Employees must be made compulsory to wash after any type of activity that could contaminate the hands with harmful bacteria, which include, using the washroom, blowing the nose, handling waste or other surfaces such as light switches. It is the employers’ responsibility to provide enough hand hygiene solutions for all employees.

Besides washing, it is also important to dry hands with paper towels or under an air dryer. Researches proved that not drying your hands thoroughly after washing them could increase the spread of germs.

At Initial Hygiene Malaysia, we believe in the smart use of hygiene so that your business reputations are protected. Our broader approach will assist you in establishing good hygiene practice throughout your organisation, creating a healthier and more productive environment for everyone. For more information on how Initial Hygiene can help you in fighting hygiene challenges in your sector, please contact us by clicking here or call us at 1300 882 388.

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