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How Germs Spread in the Air When You Sneeze


A simulation video has revealed how germs are normally spread when a person sneezes in the plane. Learn more and find out why you are more likely to catch flu or cold in the office compared to the plane.

Maintaining Food Safety with Hand Hygiene (Part 2)


Adequate personal hygiene practices are essential in reducing the risks of a foodborne illness. Find out how to wash your hand cleanly.

Maintaining Food Safety with Hand Hygiene (Part 1)


Prevention is key to avoiding foodborne illnesses and diseases. Learn how hand hygiene can affect food safety.

Rentokil Initial Malaysia’s New Hygiene Range Helps Reduce Illnesses in the Office


October marks the annual Global Handwashing month to raise awareness on the importance of hand hygiene in our lives. Experts are sharing interesting facts on microbial diseases that you should know, and how Signature by Initial Hygiene can help reduce contamination risks, especially at work.

Did You Know that Your Mobile Phone is an Ultimate Germs Hotspot? (Part 2)


Mobile phone is one of the ultimate must-have gadgets in almost everyone’s life. But it can also turn into a germs box if we do not do regular sanitation and proper hygiene behaviour. Learn more on the health consequences and what you can do to minimise the spread of harmful bacteria in your workplace.

Did You Know that Your Mobile Phone is an Ultimate Germs Hotspot? (Part 1)


A research revealed a shocking result that our mobile phone harbours more germs than an average toilet seat. Learn more about the research and what caused our mobile phones to be highly contaminated.

Minimising Disruptions to your Production with Proper Hand Hygiene


Most common illnesses in the workplace are caused by cross contamination. Find out what business owners can do to reduce absenteeism rates among the employees.

Scent Marketing to Increase Business Awareness


Find out how scent marketing can help you make a real difference to your brand.

Initial Hygiene Malaysia Shares the Need in Improving Hygiene Standards for the Office


Employees are more prone to fall sick in the office because the risk of cross contamination is higher. By identifying the germ hotspots, it helps employers to take appropriate action in order to elevate the hygiene standards in the workplace

How Big Brands are Leveraging on Scent Marketing as Part of Their Business Strategies


Scent marketing has become one of the most talked about marketing strategies in today’s business. Learn how Cinnabon and Starbucks are using scent to accelerate their sales.

Ways to Prevent Cross Contamination of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria


World Health Organisation (WHO) has reported the growth on harmful bacteria that are resistant to antibiotic. Read more to learn the health consequences and the ways you can prevent its transmission.

Students in Malaysia Sickened by Foodborne Illness


More than 150 students from Kedah reported to have sickened with a food borne illness. Find out how you can maintain the highest level of hygiene in food handling.

The Danger of Salmonella and How It Can Be Prevented


Salmonella is one of the common factors that caused food poisoning cases that have been increasing in Malaysia. So learn what is Salmonella and what can be done to prevent it.

Initial Hygiene Claims Second International Award for Product Design


Signature range by Initial Hygiene has been selected to win the best product design by Red Dot Design Awards. Learn more about the award here.

4 Benefits of Scenting to Enhance the Office Environment


The exposure to pleasant scents can significantly enhance employees’ performance. Learn more about the benefits of scenting to enhance your office environment.

Why Hygiene is an Important Factor to Drive Business Performance in Hotels and Resorts (Part 2)


Recent studies show that the remote control in hotel rooms has one of the highest microbe count compared to the washroom door handle. Read on to find out how you can prevent yourself from cross contamination.

Five Children and Two Adults Tested Positive for H1N1 Flu in a Hospital in Likas, Sabah


Five children and two adult caregivers have been tested positive for swine flu virus in Women and Children’s Hospital in Likas, Sabah. Find out how you can minimise your risk against the deadly flu.

Why Hygiene an Important Factor to Drive Business Performance in Hotels and Resorts (Part 1)


Hygiene is one of the important factor that makes or breaks a business particularly those in the hospitality sector. Find out why it is important to maintain the highest level of hygiene in hotels and resorts.

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