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Why Hygiene an Important Factor to Drive Business Performance in Hotels and Resorts (Part 1)


In today's competitive market, hygiene and cleanliness have been made top priority to ensure the highest level of guest experience in the hospitality sector. On the first part of this article, we will be sharing the importance of hygiene in the high traffic areas and how it affects the first impression of your hotel.

Part 1 of 2 : The Lobby Area and the First Impression

The interior designs in the hospitality sector are often regarded as most prestigious and luxurious. With that ambience, your guest’s experience and expectations should never be compromised by poor hygiene, especially in the common high traffic areas such as hotel lobby and the common washrooms.

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Washroom hygiene is an aspect that supports business growth as it reflects your brand reputation. According to independent research carried out in 2013 by Added Value Limited, 28% of people said they will never return to an establishment if the washroom facilities are bad. Due to the high traffic and usage, it has become quite difficult and tedious in maintaining the hygiene level and cleanliness of the common washrooms. With toilet and urinal sanitiser, it helps to reduce the build up of bacterial deposits which could lead to malodours and blockages.

Toilet seat is commonly neglected by washroom users but do you know that there are millions of harmful bacteria living on the surface of a dirty toilet seat? With the help of toilet seat cleaner that contains sanitising detergent, it keeps toilet seat surfaces clean and fresh. This will provide washroom users with confident and reassurance when using the toilet.

As the hotel lobby is often brimmed with excited travellers, certain considerations may need to be made to reduce the risk of your guests from slipping on dirt and water brought into your hotel. In order to minimise the risk of accidents, floor mats need to be installed to ensure that your guests are safe from slipping accidents.

Ambient scenting has gradually developed into an important role in driving business to the hospitality industry. Create everlasting first impression by providing guests with warm welcoming atmosphere with the use of correct scents in the lobby. Besides that, scenting also helps to build brand recognition and differentiate you from the competitors.

The Influence of Social Media and Online Reviews in Business Reputation

With the growing popularity of social media platforms and online review sites, guests are more likely to share their experiences online. While positive reviews help in building your brand reputation, a negative critic can easily drive potential customers away. Therefore, it is extremely important that hoteliers take proactive steps in enhancing guest experience by providing them with clean and hygienic environment.

At Initial Hygiene, we understand that brand reputation is important in driving your business. Hoteliers’ key priority is to provide customers with top notch guest experience, which is why we are committed in supporting you with the highest standard of hygiene services, making sure that your expectations are met. 

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