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Germs and harmful bacteria can be found commonly in the Industrial & Manufacturing sectors. Employees in the production line are at higher risk of picking up harmful germs such as Salmonella, especially when they are being tasked to handle raw materials that might be infected. In addition, their daily contact with each other also increase the chance of cross contamination.

Most people perceive that germs are usually spread through the air transmission, however, based on a research by the Australian Commission on Quality and Safety in Health Care (ACSQHC), germs actually transmit easier and faster through touch. That is why, hand hygiene is considered as one of the most important measures in minimising the spread of cross contamination and transmission of infectious diseases.

On 5th of May, an global hand hygiene effort known as Save Lives: Clean Your Hands campaign was organised by the World Health Organization (WHO), which act as a precious reminder to the public on the importance of hand hygiene in battling against diseases.

The initiative also highlighted the results in a report by WHO on the increasing rate of antimicrobial resistance bacteria. In simpler terms, antibiotics are no longer as efficient in combating bacteria compared to how it used to be. Besides that, antimicrobial resistance bacteria also prolong the illnesses which may consequently lead to fatality. It is concluded that, by practicing good hand hygiene in the manufacturing sector can vastly lessen the rate of common illnesses among employees.  

Besides that, hand hygiene also plays an important part in the development of local manufacturing sectors. In just 2 months into 2014, the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) has reported to approve 4 manufacturing projects from the United States, which may potentially contribute up to RM86.2 million investments, putting Malaysia on the world map in the industry.

A good example, Hershey Co, which is one of the biggest chocolate makers globally, has decided to build a RM816 million confectionery plant in Johor. This growth in manufacturing industry shows that Malaysia is regarded as the centre of excellence. Hence, there is an urgent need to produce high quality products that meet the international standards.

Nevertheless, in order to keep our quality up to par, by practising proper hand hygiene can help to minimise the risks of product contamination. Contaminated production can negatively affect your consumers and employees’ health, leading to potential product recall, legal costs and ultimately severe damage to your business reputation.

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Sources: World Health Organisation and The Star

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