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Did You Know that Your Mobile Phone is an Ultimate Germs Hotspot? (Part 1)


In today’s modern world, mobile phones have become more than just a communication device. Besides utilising it to make calls, mobile phones have advanced into an essential gadget that we cannot leave our home without. However, the constant handling of our mobile phone has turned it into a germ hotspot, especially when the user has poor hand hygiene habits. As a matter of fact, 1 in 5 office employees admitted during a survey of not washing their hands after using the washroom.

Mobile Phone Germs Part 1 | Rentokil Pest Control

In 2011, a hygiene research was conducted by the University of Cape Coast, whereby swab tests were done on 100 units of mobile phones to determine the microbial level on the phones. The microbe count is based on Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) readings which are quantified in Relative Light Units (RLU). The general accepted reading for mobile phones is 100 RLU, whereas readings above 200 RLU are considered as high risk of contamination.

The results from the research revealed that all of the swabbed mobile phones were contaminated with at least 1 type of microorganism. Additionally, the test also shown that 65% of the phones harboured at least 3 health threatening germs, such as Salmonella, E-coli and Bacillus cereus, which contribute to foodborne diseases.

What caused our mobile phone to be an ideal germs breeding ground?

Mobile phones are prone to be contaminated with germs and bacteria because, despite being used regularly, it was neither cleaned nor sanitised on a regular basis. Furthermore, as we use our phones frequently, its temperature remains warm, turning it into an excellent breeding ground.

Moreover, a survey commissioned by an international mobile company found that an astonishing 75% of the respondents used their phone in the toilet cubicle, which made it one of the most contaminated personal devices of all time.

In the next article, we will focus on the health implications and also share with you some tips on what you can do to reduce the risk of contamination on your mobile phone.

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