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Did You Know that Your Mobile Phone is an Ultimate Germs Hotspot? (Part 2)


In the first part of the article, we have shared reports on germ contamination on our mobile phone. Hence for this second part of the article, we will be sharing with you on ​​the health consequences and ​​what can be done to minimise cross contamination.

Mobile Phone Germs Part 2 | Initial Hygiene

According to a research by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, 80% of respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases are transmitted through touch or cross contamination. This is why the risk of germ infections can be very high for mobile phone users as it is an item so often handle in a day. As we talk on the phone, any germs or bacteria breeding on the screen can easily spread into our eyes, nose and mouth leading to illnesses. Cross contamination in the office can also affect employees’ productivity, absenteeism and consequently leads to profit losses. The Partnership for Food Safety Education reported that foodborne diseases including Salmonellosis cost businesses around USD 2.65 billion (around MYR 8.59 billion) annually in medical claims, sick leaves and even premature death, while E. coli bacterial infections cost a hefty sum of USD 478 million (around MYR 1.55 million) annually.

These reports demonstrated that employers should take hygiene seriously to combat the spread of illnesses in the workplace. They can start by placing adequate number of hand hygiene facilities, such as hand soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers and hand sanitisers at accessible locations to increase hand hygiene. It is also advisable to sanitise mobile phones and other ideal germ breeding grounds, such as keyboards and mouse with disinfectant wipes at least once a week to reduce microbe counts.

In order to maintain a hygienic working place, it is essential for employees to know more of the consequences poor hygiene can cause. At Initial, we have developed a Total Hygiene Awareness Talk (THAT), where our hygiene experts share useful insights and information. Know more about our solutions by clicking here or contact us at 1300 882 388.

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