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How Germs Spread in the Air When You Sneeze


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ANSYS, a pioneer in development and application of simulation softwares, has recently revealed a shocking video on how germs spread when someone sneezes in the plane. 

It showed how water droplets from the sneeze are jettisoned into the air, dissolved and then dispersed to the entire cabin. Even though passengers that are seated nearer to the person who sneezed are at higher risk of any potential infection, the simulation demonstrated that everyone on the plane has an equal chance of being infected as well.

Despite the widespread dispersion shown in the video, the possibility of another person contracting flu in the plane is actually much lower, compared to someone working in an office. This is because air in the plane is constantly filtered and recirculated every 2-3 minutes to improve air quality whereas air conditioned offices with poorer ventilation will slow down the filtering process.

Germs like Norovirus are usually spread through air, which is why it will be very beneficial to keep the air clean by installing air sanitisers or purifiers in the office premises. Besides that, the risk of infections via cross contamination can also be minimised by instilling proper hand hygiene among employees. Research has shown that simple precautions such as handwashing with soap and water can help to reduce the risk of respiratory infections by 16%.

As employees spend a large portion of their time working in the office, practicing consistent and proper hygiene is essential in reducing the risk of illnesses while doing their job.

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Source: Daily Mail UK

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