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Global Handwashing Day

global handwashing day

Our hands are natural breeding ground for germs. Nearly 80% of infections are spread by hand, hence, encouraging good hand hygiene behaviours is extremely important as it is one of the most effective ways to stop germs from spreading.

15 October is Global Handwashing Day, an annual campaign celebrated globally to raise awareness on the importance of hand hygiene. This campaign also motivates good personal hygiene practices as it is a key approach to disease prevention.

Hand Hygiene Facts

  • 80% of infectious diseases like Influenza are transmitted through touch
  • Influenza virus can survive on our hand and other surfaces up to 48 hours
  • 83% of Malaysian office workers claim to ‘always’ wash their hands after visiting the washroom, with 87% women and 78% men saying that they do so
  • Washing hand regularly with soap and water can reduce diarrhoeal diseases by 50%
  • Proper hand hygiene practices can help to minimise the risk of respiratory infections by 16%

For more hand hygiene tips, download our Hand Hygiene infographic .

The Proper Way to Clean Your Hands

3 steps of hand hygiene | Initial Hygiene

Germs spread when a person touches his or her own eyes, mouth, or nose after getting in contact with mucus droplets dispersed from a sick person on surfaces like a desk and door handles, especially when you are in the office.

Hand washing is a simple and fundamental way of controlling the spread of infections. Here are some tips to help lower your chances of being infected.

  • Thorough washing with hand soap for 45 seconds help to reduce the level of potentially harmful bacteria on your hands.
  • Dry your hands properly with paper towel or hand dryer to minimise cross contamination amongst washroom visitors.
  • Sanitise your hands with hand sanitisers that contain 70% alcohol to kill harmful bacteria and most germs effectively.

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