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Total Hygiene Awareness Talk

Improve Hygiene Standards in your Organisation with THAT
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Keeping the workplace clean and hygienic is fundamental to every business regardless of industries. Many may not see this as of utmost importance because being hygienic brings intangible results. 

Incorporating the practice of good personal hygiene among employees in their daily routine will assist in building the foundation for good work ethics and in the long run, help businesses to thrive. 

Consequences of Good Personal Hygiene Behaviours:

  • Health impact - Prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and germs, which is one of the reasons of common sickness among people.
  • Food safety - Avoids cross contamination especially for businesses in the food industry by preventing food contamination/ poisoning cases.
  • Improve working/ living conditions - Adopting good personal hygiene behaviour will consequently lead to a healthier living lifestyle and work environment.

In order to sustain a hygienic environment, it is vital that employees are aware of the impact of inadequate hygiene and adopt good personal hygiene behaviour from best practice sharing. Therefore, Rentokil Initial Malaysia has developed the Total Hygiene Awareness Talk (THAT) to encourage and educate employees about good personal hygiene habits for many business organisations that need it.

THAT not only envelopes sanitation and personal hygiene topics but pest related matters as well. Indefinitely without proper sanitation and hygiene, pest issues will occur as they are known to infest unsanitary areas to breed.

Benefits to the Business/ Employees:

  • Employee motivation - Providing your employees with hygiene and pest knowledge will help them to understand the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and workplace.
  • Cost reduction - The spread of illnesses are minimised thus lowering the absenteeism rates and medical claims.
  • Increase health and safety - Early pest detection and exclusion are keys to preventing major pest infestations. Basic pest knowledge will help your employees in recognising the health risks that pests can pose and respond with the correct precautions in the business premises.

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