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Jet Hand Dryer

The Jet Hand Dryer is an innovative automatic hand dryer that creates high speed jet air flow that is bi-directional hence drying users hands in just 6-12 seconds. The built-in heater facilitates warm air to speed up the hand drying process while the waste water is collected in a drain tank, so the floor and surrounding surfaces stay clean and dry.

It is simple to use as washroom visitors would need to insert their hands into the gap and slowly pull them out while the screen counts down the seconds. Water is completely removed from the palms and backs of the hands by means of two discharges of air on either side. Hands will be completely dry, with no hand rubbing or turning required.


  • Protection

    Brushless DC motor technology helps reduce carbon foot print
  • Design

    Built to save time, reduces wastage and energy efficient
  • Quality

    Shake resistance, low working noise and long working life
  • Service

    Initial will maintain the unit, and check on the water drain tank during service routine
  • Consumables

  • Over 75% cost saving vs. Paper towels. 
  • The short drying time uses minimal energy compared to other hand dryers
It uses only 850W of power to dry hands in 10 seconds compared to other hand dryers that typically requires around 2400W. 

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