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We are a part of the Rentokil Initial Group. We are a leading hygiene solutions provider delivering integrated and innovative solutions to commercial businesses.

Our Solutions

Services and Solutions

Want hygiene services so dependable you never have to worry about them again? Initial has 100 years of experience in the sector backed by innovative research and development and a genuine understanding of your business priorities. That’s why so many companies trust us to meet their needs.

We offer a comprehensive range of products, from air fresheners to soap and hand-drying systems, toilet tissue dispensers, seat cleaners, sanitisers, feminine hygiene bins, a wide range of floor mats, IT and air hygiene services to suit every environment. Each product has been designed and tested to deliver high quality results for organisations like yours. Isn’t it time to consult Initial about the solutions we could offer you?

Airfresh Spray

Air Hygiene

Learn about our technologically advanced, fully programmable air freshener and clean air sanitiser ideal to use in your washroom and office environment.


Feminine Hygiene

Learn about our hygienic no touch sanitary bins for your female washroom visitors.

Hand Washing Image

Hand Hygiene

Learn about our versatile wall mounted soap dispenser within your washrooms to promote good hand washing.

Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper Dispensers

At Initial Hygiene Malaysia, we provide toilet paper dispenser essential to every toilet cubicle.

Toilet and Urinal Hygiene

Toilet & Cubicle Hygiene

At Initial Hygiene Malaysia we provide toilet and cubicle hygiene solutions that upkeep your toilet and urinal bowls for a pleasant cubicle experience

Waste Bin

Waste Bins

We have waste bins that are sleek and slim to suit any washroom sizes plus it matches perfectly with our paper towel dispensers.

Premium Scenting

Premium Scenting

Find out why Premium Scenting is such an effective branding strategy.


Floor Care

A wide range of floor mats to keep your premises clean and hygienic while protecting the safety of your visitors and employees.

Office Hygiene

Office Hygiene

Uncover the hidden secrets of making your employees work healthier.



Ensure that your washrooms are always fully supplied to meet the needs of your visitors.

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