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We are a part of the Rentokil Initial Group. We are a leading hygiene solutions provider delivering integrated and innovative solutions to commercial businesses.

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Scent Marketing Benefits

According to research, the effects of scents on human behaviour has shown that apart from creating a more pleasant and memorable experience, the intelligent use of scents can produce a number of substantial benefits for businesses, leading to increased revenues.

scent marketing facts and science

Ambient scenting enhances the buying experience in your space, using fragrance to create a pleasant atmosphere. The right aroma can make your premises warm and welcoming or memorable by associating the scent with a good experience.

Besides enhancing ambience, scenting also offers therapeutic benefits. Scientific studies have shown that pleasant aromas can raise productivity, morale and even reduce stress among employees when used in the office environment.

Odour Remediation
Bad odour is one of the major factors that contributes to indoor air quality problems which may affect your brand image. The approach of our Premium Scenting solutions to odour remediation involves identification of the malodour and formulation of a neutraliser that is suitable for your space.

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Impacts of Scenting
The Power of Scenting
Find out why Premium Scenting is such an effective branding strategy.
Scenting for Your Business
Scent marketing drives branding and connect to your customers. Discover the right aroma strategy for your business including hotels, retails and offices.
Scenting for Events
Supporting event organisers in creating memorable events through scents.
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