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Professional Hygiene Survey

As part of our service, we provide professional hygiene survey for your premises.

This survey allows us to identify:

  • Risk areas within your premises
  • Which hygiene measures are required
  • The correct service packages for your needs

During the survey, our hygiene expert will carry professional assessment to build a full picture of your needs using a number of methods to assess risk:

  • Torchlight to check encrustations in urinal bowl
  • Inspection mirror to inspect encrustations in water closet
  • Visual and senses inspection

Assess your current hygiene provisions:

  • Does everything function correctly?
  • Are the current solutions delivering the maximum hygiene support that you require?

Build a profile of your site to establish:

  • The number and nature of hygiene units required and where they should be sited for optimal performance
  • A tailored solution to your specific needs

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