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The Signature Colour Range

Create Multisensory Washroom Experience

Today, businesses are placing more emphasis on designs, aesthetics and multisensory experience even in the washrooms. To achieve this, washrooms nowadays are furnished with décor such as paintings, stylish mirror frames, pleasant scent, warm lightings, sleek furnishing, and down to the specific details to enhance the overall washroom experience.

Because of this washroom evolution, with more facilities and high hygiene standards maintained, end users tend to spend more time in the washroom, catching up with personal and lifestyle activities, hence washroom today is no longer just a functional space.

Complementing Brand with Colours

Combining innovative design features and superior hygiene qualities from the current award winning Signature range, the hygiene units are available in 7 carefully selected colours in a sleek, matte and elegant finishing. Specially designed to suit your aesthetics enhancement, Signature colour leaves first and last positive impression and creates business value through service quality.

Committed in delivering quality and efficacy assurance

We have engaged in a series of research and underwent stringent tests to ensure paint quality and durability are up to standards. The units are also tested with bleach and chemical cleaning, scratch resistant with the support of paint specialist. Health and safety are of utmost important to us. Anti-microbial properties and anti-bacterial technology are designed and tested for optimal hygiene protection.

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