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Find out what's happening in the world of Initial washrooms

Initial Hygiene Malaysia Launched Hygiene Detective Campaign

Initial, the Experts in Hygiene is spreading awareness on good hygiene habits with Hygiene Detective. Read on to learn how you can win an iPad Mini!

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Typhoid Outbreak in Malaysia

Typhoid fever has seen a sudden growth with 32 cases reported since August. Learn more about typhoid and what can you do to protect yourself from the outbreak.

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6 Simple Hand Hygiene Tips to Minimise Your Risk of Getting Sick

As we celebrate the Global Handwashing Day, here some hand hygiene tips that may help to reduce your risk of germs infection.

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Initial’s ServiceTrak to Enhance Customer Service Experience

At Initial, we continuously innovate our way of working to provide businesses with the highest hygiene standard. Here, we explain what OSS is and how it benefits your business.

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7 Things That You Need to Know About MERS!

MERS outbreak took over the news headline by storm; learn more about the deadly diseases, whether it is a threat to you and how you can protect yourself from it.

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These 7 Office Items Contain More Germs Than You Think!

We often think that the washroom is the dirtiest place in the office. But, did you know that some of these items that you use daily are filthier than you think? Find out more!

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