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Expert Insights In Creating A Hygienic Working Environment For Your Employees

A hygienic workplace should be a mandatory practice to keep the workforce happy and healthy. Spending longer hours at work makes it all the more crucial to implement proper workplace hygiene.

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Hygiene in Touch

With the recent Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD) outbreak, Initial Hygiene discusses the importance of 3-step hand hygiene practices and why is there a need in touchless hand hygiene technology.

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On Site Sanitation Service, Better way to service Sanitary Units

At Initial, we continuously innovate our way of working to provide businesses with the highest hygiene standard. Here, we explain what OSS is and how it benefits your business.

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Why Scent Marketing is Becoming More Prominent in the Commercial Sectors

Scents can determine the overall impression and experience of a customer. Find out how Initial’s Premium Scenting shows scenting can make a difference to your business.

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Scent Marketing to Increase Business Awareness

Find out how scent marketing can help you make a real difference to your brand.

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