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Bad toilet experience and Its impact to your business

Public toilets in Malaysia do not have a good reputation among Malaysians at large. One of the main reasons is due to low awareness among Malaysians in maintaining toilet cleanliness. Although the statistics are quite shocking, it is not surprising that only 61% of public toilets in the country are reported to be in a satisfactory condition.

This also includes the toilets in shopping malls. One of the contributing factors of why toilets in shopping malls are less than satisfactory is because of the high traffic and usage, topped with poor toilet etiquette among shoppers. Views of unflushed toilets and traces of toilet paper (sometimes urine!) on the floor are not something new. Due to these unhygienic practices, chances of cross contamination are pretty high. Cross contamination is a process where germs are transferred from one surface to another, whilst spreading infectious diseases such as Gastroenteritis and flu.

Many people do not realise that toilets are breeding ground for germs. Door handles and light switches can introduce Escherichia coli, potentially infecting us with diseases such as E.coli, fungal or other viral infections. Besides that, flush and faucet handles can be the source of Rotavirus, a contagious virus that causes diarrhoea.

Hence, facilities managers need to ensure that toilet facilities in shopping malls are properly cleaned and maintained. This is because, besides posing health risks to the shoppers, dirty toilets can also tarnish business image and reputation.

A survey carried out by Initial Hygiene showed that 85% of people will leave a negative perception of your business if they come across an unpleasant smell in the toilet.  And with high social media usage in Malaysia, 6 out of 10 would not think twice in expressing their negative feedback.

Below are some ways that will help shoppers to leave with a positive toilet experience.

How to improve toilet experience?










1. Make sure they are clean
Generally, people may not pay much attention to a standard, clean toilet but people will take notice of dirty toilet and give bad remarks immediately. For example, from the above photos, which type of toilets attracted your eyes first? Our eyes are more attracted to dirty toilets and this will leave negative impression to your shoppers. Ensure that toilets are in good state by getting them cleaned at least twice a day, especially between peak periods (mid-morning, after lunch break and end of day). This may look excessive but think about how many shoppers use them every day, dirt and germs can accumulate and breed in a short amount of time.

2. Elevate Your Washroom Experience with Complete Hygiene Facilities
Aside from regular cleaning, it is important that shoppers are provided with complete hygiene facilities to improve their washroom experience:

 Hand Hygiene - A complete hand hygiene practice includes handwashing, drying and sanitising. Proper hand hygiene are essential in the reduction of harmful germs from the hands. Promoting regular hand washing, drying and sanitising in the washroom is vital in reducing the level of cross contamination that occurs within the premises.

Feminine Hygiene – Equip the female washroom with a discreet and hygienic way to dispose of feminine hygiene waste is vital for a hygienic washroom experience.

Additionally, 72% of women claimed to have encountered an overflowing sanitary bin, hence, engaging a professional services that provides a scheduled routine service is essential to business owners for a peace of mind.

Cubicle Hygiene - 88% of our respondents believed that the shopping malls should offer more hygienic facilities. Giving shoppers hygiene reassurance throughout the facility is key in elevating their experiences in shopping mall, and this extends right through to the urinals in the washrooms. Cubicle hygiene solutions like toilet seat sanitiser can further improve hygiene standards in washroom.

 3. Tap On Multisensory Experience
With the rise of social media, there are more and more users that would share positive or negative washroom experiences online. And washroom is no longer just for functional needs, it has become a social spot. Which is why, many establishments are emphasising on washroom improvements by providing users with multisensory experience.

Out of 5 senses, smell has the most impact to our emotions and memory, hence it is important to ensure that the washroom smells pleasant with scenting solutions. This followed by sight and feel. Nowadays, we can see that art pieces and warm lightings are installed in the washroom. And with the use of colours, it further creates a great impression the moment a user walk through the washroom door. Besides, washroom can be further enhanced with coloured hygiene facilities to compliment the overall ambient and design.

We can help to enhance toilet experience by providing a more hygienic solution through our Initial Hygiene services. For more information on our service solutions, contact us at 1300 882 388 and find out how hygienic washrooms can help make a real difference to your business.

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