3 Ways to Enhance Customer Washrooms

3 ways to improve customer washroom

Branding is extremely important to any business. A simple name, symbol or design can inform your customers who you are, why you’re different and what you are promising to deliver. This is why successful businesses pay particular attention to employee attire, customer service, business premises, etc. However, a factor that is largely overlooked when considering branding is customer washrooms.

The Power of Washrooms

Washrooms may be the least of your worries when branding a business but research done by Initial has shown that unhygienic and unsanitary toilets make customers feel uncomfortable and immediately associates negative emotions with the business. Customers are also more likely to avoid businesses with a reputation of unsatisfactory washrooms. With the right tools, you can not only prevent these negative associations, but leverage on making your customer experience and brand perception that much better. Here are some ways you can improve your brand perception through washroom hygiene.  


A clean toilet may not be something your customers will tell their friends about but a dirty toilet can easily spread like wildfire. Keeping your toilet clean ensures the customer experience you provide is consistently exceptional the moment your customers step foot into your premises. Washrooms should be cleaned every day, especially when experiencing heavy foot fall. It doesn’t take long for a pristine toilet to turn into a dirty one.


Hygienic practices and cleanliness practices should not be confused with one another. Cleanliness practices deals with the removal of dirt or stains, while hygienic practices deal with the removal of microorganisms such as bacteria and germs to prevent the spread of harmful diseases. There are many ways to enhance your washroom hygiene:

Soap Dispensers

No To Touch Soap Dispenser

It has been shown that 80% of diseases are contracted from your hands. It is essential to provide proper soap dispensers for your customers, with automatic dispensers being ideal to minimise the number of objects your customers have to touch.

Paper Towel Dispensers

Folded Paper Dispenser

Research shows wet hands have a higher average bacteria count than dry hands. This means chances for infections are higher when hands are not dried. Providing the proper drying facilities is essential to ensure your customers are protected. With Initial’s Signature No Touch Paper Towel Dispenser, your customers are able to dry their hands without touching any surfaces that can increase bacteria count

Hand Sanitiser Dispensers

No Touch Sanitiser Dispenser

Hand sanitisers are a rare sight in washrooms, which is unfortunate as proper hand hygiene practices include washing, drying and sanitising. Providing hand sanitiser dispensers in your washroom will make your customers feel valued and give them peace of mind.

Sanitary Bins

Signature No Touch Feminine Hygiene

Sanitary bins are the most dangerous spots in the female washroom. Without a proper sanitary bin and sanitary procedures, businesses are putting their female customers at risk at potentially life threatening infections. Even if these bins are emptied daily and cleaned every once in a while, they pose the greatest health risk in the bathroom. Initial’s Signature No Touch Sanitary Bin is designed with integral antibacterial technology to ensure your female customers are safe. Furthermore, our professional services will discreetly dispose of the sanitary waste in a safe and environmentally manner.


Ambiance is not about a great gesture made by the business, it is the combination of small things working together to create the desired environment. Engaging your customer’s senses with scent is one way to connect with your customers emotionally. Research has shown that scent triggers strong sensory reactions in customers. It was found that pleasant smells improve moods and enhance the customer experience. Pairing premium scenting with other details such as lighting, flowers and soft music in the washroom can greatly increase purchase intentions and increase business success.

While washrooms may not be your top priority, it is a great opportunity for businesses to elevate themselves above their competitors. A good washroom experience indicates to your customer that the business truly values them, are attentive, and that no detail is small enough to be ignored. To find more information on our signature colour range or the impact of washroom hygiene on customers visit our website. Start your washroom hygiene journey with Initial.

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