Initial Hygiene Malaysia "Leaves No One Behind" in driving community awareness on hygienic washroom for World Toilet Day

What will you do when you have the urge for nature’s call while out of your comfort home? Will you insist on finding clean public toilets, or just pinch your nose through while getting your “business” done at any nearest public toilet that are unkempt and dirty? 

A report from New Straits Times says that 61% out of the 10K public toilet in Malaysia are a disgrace. Only a miserable 3% achieved 5-star ratings, while 10% are too terrible to get even 1-star. Even our Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir commented that he avoids entering the public toilet. The dirty and foul-smelling environment is an embarrassment to everyone. Some of the common sights such as shoes marks heavily stained on the toilet seats, sanitary pads thrown on top of the sanitary bin instead of inside the bin or the hysteric bloody mess on the floor. Eventually public washrooms are labelled as unclean and unhygienic in Malaysia.  

World Toilet Day (WTD) falls annually on the 19th of November. The theme for WTD 2019, “Leaving No One Behind”, aims to raise awareness of reducing cross-contamination related diseases and creating healthier communities. Leveraging on WTD driven efforts, it helps to close the sanitation gap with more sustainable access to sanitation services by 2022. 

Everyone deserves access to clean and hygienic washrooms, and for sustenance efforts, these will need continuous support from all parties, especially the crucial role coming from employers and facility managers in providing complete and hygienic washroom facilities to internal employees and external visitors.  As a washroom user, we can contribute towards sustenance of clean and hygienic toilet by adopting simple washroom habits such as:- 

  • flushing after using the toilet, 
  • for men - aim right while doing your “business”, 
  • for ladies - ensure the sanitary pad is wrapped properly before disposing into the sanitary bin.  
The existence of toilet seat cleaner provides washroom users a peace of mind (without squatting) with just one sanitised wipe

Photo caption: The existence of toilet seat cleaner provides washroom users a peace of mind (without squatting) with just one sanitised wipe.

On the other hand, facilities management shall ensure the washroom amenities are adequately provided to employees and visitors, so everyone can practise simple washroom habits while keeping the washroom clean and hygienic at all times. 

“Cross-contamination can easily happen as germs can be found anywhere. Hence, it is important to practice good washroom habits to prevent the spread of germs that could affect yourself and the people around you. As a responsible citizen of Malaysia, we have to play our role in keeping our toilets clean and hygienic, thus improving the hygiene standards in Malaysia” said Ms. Carol Lam, the Managing Director of Rentokil Initial Malaysia.

Initial Hygiene Malaysia, stepping up in our efforts to support World Toilet Day’s initiatives, promoting good washroom hygiene through the Hygiene Detective Campaign. Find out more here:

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